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Are you a licensed, practicing attorney? Do you know that internet marketing is quickly growing to be the number one source for lawyers to obtain new leads and clients? Did you know that you can get a website that is easily optimized for about the same price as a tiny newspaper or phone book advertisement?

Marketing a law firm to obtain new clients is hard work, but a properly developed and maintained network of websites that integrate the hottest social networks can make the task much easier. The cost for such a website varies. Some pay thousands and even millions of dollars each month to get the highest ranks in search engines. We are here to concentrate some of that money onto societal problems with a specific focus on children suffering the oppression of poverty. and other websites that are owned and operated by James Hilliard do not donate a portion of profits to charity. The networks donate ALL profits, after salaries and expenses, to charity.

Every day, thousands of potential customers search the internet for help finding a lawyer. The potential clients have needs that range from car wrecks, divorce, child custody, crimes, DUI/DWI, personal injuries and more.