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Currently a few top players dominate the internet legal marketing and web development industries for lawyers.

How is this lawyer and attorney network different?

Please continue reading to learn how using this network of legal websites will benefit those looking for legal services, society around us and the lawyers, attorneys and other legal professionals seeking to obtain clients through internet advertising and marketing.

"Lawyers" and "Attorneys":

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The following is an example:

Lawyers.com/ lexisnexis.com is owned by Reed Elsevier Inc. and FindLaw.com/ westlaw.com are part of Thomson Reuters.

Reed Elsevier (NYSE-> RUK), a United Kingdom Enterprise, has a market cap of 11.7 Billion dollars with yearly gross profits of 2 Billion dollars and ZERO debt.

Thomson Reuters (NYSE-> TRI), a United States Corporation, has a market cap of 23.25 Billion dollars with yearly gross profits of 10.2 Billion dollars. They currently list 32 Billion dollars in assets and 7 Billion dollars in long term debt.

The USA is a battleground for lawyers with over 1,000,000 attorneys seeking to provide services. An online, law directory (i.e. www.theattorneyhelp.com) would cost about 15 dollars a year to operate and can easily be automated. If the directory collected just 10 dollars a year from each attorney, there would be a potential profit of 9,999,985 dollars.

I do not need or want that kind of money. There are many who NEED the money. Children all over world grow up in poverty and have no one to provide them the direction they need to get out of the oppression.
I will be opening all of my financial data. I don’t care. I have nothing to hide. I have many websites that will be dedicated to lawyers and the legal profession. I will never make more money than the "average" salary for my degree and experience from any of the lawyer network that I own or work with... If I want to make more money, it will have to be from other industries. Those paid to work with the attorney network will also be paid up to the 50% more than the "average" salary for their work. NO ONE will be paid a % of any profits, they will be given away. I will figure it out. It will be public. It may change, but it will be public information.

By using this service, this lawyer and attorney network and any of the sites owned or operated by James Hilliard, you agree to not sue/ file claims against James for any reason. Your use of this site acknowledges that you have read and understand the page here and also the disclaimer, terms of use, privacy policy and other information found at the footer of most network pages.

I will initially collect money to ensure the success of The Lawyer and Attorney Help network (servers, domains, computer programming, personal expenses, bills, and of course uncle sam (This is not expected to require more than $40-70 thousand dollars through 2013)). When further advancement is assured, all proceeds will begin being DIRECTLY directed to Beaches Habitat for Humanity Education program. (If uncle sam allows you to write it off, please do!!!) After the program at Beaches Habitat is guaranteed success, the money/ other resources will be DIRECTLY directed to other NON-profit organizations focused specifically on children suffering the oppression of poverty.

It is my belief that if we can fix the issue of oppressive poverty in the United States, then it will spread through the world. Call it a corner stone if you wish.

Please understand that all of this is in beta, and will be for some time, but The Lawyer Help network, Ex Nube, is now stamped in history and you can grow with us.

James Hilliard, 10/11/12 edited 11/1/12

Current Plans being offered.

Static Content Plans in theattorneyhelp.com: Good for 1 year
  • Basic:  Directory listing in a single state. When you obtain your directory listing for theattorneyhelp.com, you also receive a directory listing in bestlawyershelp.com, and other relevant websites across our network as they are updated. All links come from highly relevant and maintained websites.  (NOTE:  As the directory begins being filled up, the separate United States and territories (i.e. theattorneyhelp.com/florida) will be where each Basic directory listing is also placed. After successful payment you will be sent an email with a link for you to follow and submit data about either your law firm being listed or your individual details. If you would like a firm or individual listing in another state, the cost will be $2 per state per year. If an individual at current prices would like to be listed in all 50 states the cost would come to $12 * 1 state + $2 * 49 states = $110) Upon successful payment, your firm or individual information will be placed at the top of the directory. It will remain there until the next listing is paid for and processed.
  • Basic +:  All the above + Static Web Page + FREE Artsy QR Code for a limited time
  • Custom Options by Location (Dynamic and Static Websites are available through local, state, national and international Lawyer and Attorney help networks. Please follow this link to Contact Us. Here is an example. The jacksonvillelawyershelp.com network, includes lawyersinjax.com where categorized articles and news is conglomerated to be further spread out on the internet utilizing all the most powerful Social Networking and Media broadcasting websites. The network includes twentymileslaw.com and hinesforjustice.com, which are websites for two great Jacksonville Lawyers. Every time they post, the articles and news are broadcasted to their chosen practice area from this attorney and lawyer standard practice list.
Static Web Pages are bound to the template for the chosen directory, but Static Websites and Dynamic Websites will begin with a template such as these. The easy login process and amazing computer programming application that is the backbone of the network makes editing text, creating posts and pages, and thousands of other options, such as embedding video or pictures, easy.  Very easy.